What Else Should You Know About Bhringraj Oil?


Some of the best ingredients for healthy hair can be found in your grandmother’s invisible book of homemade hair care remedies. It contains natural herbs that make your hair healthy, thick, and luscious. One of these ingredients is Bhringraj, the king of herbs. Ayurvedic texts refer to Bhringraj as ‘Keshraj,’ which means the king of the hair. Let us understand why Bhringraj oil is considered to have miraculous benefits for the hair.

The oil is extracted from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant (commonly known as the ‘false daisy’). This herb is related to the sunflower and is grown in humid tropical regions like India, Brazil, Thailand, and China. Also known as Mahabhringraj oil, it has a special significance in medical science and Ayurveda. This herb balances the three doshas in the body (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) and is well-suited for treating many haircare issues. 

It is available in several different formulations

Bhringraj oil is a rich mixture of abundant vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and nutrients, including vitamin D, magnesium, and iron. Owing to this, the oil has multiple applications in medicine and hair care. So let us take a different look at the amazing benefits of this wondrous oil. 


  • Soothes Headaches

This medicinal herb oil comes with many benefits of its own. The nature of this oil is soothing and cooling, allowing the oil to penetrate your scalp. Magnesium helps induce calmness, muscle relaxation, and deeper sleep. Thus this natural oil offers much relief and is an ideal remedy for migraines and headaches. 

  • Treats scalp infections

The abundant antibacterial properties present in this oil make it useful against various follicular infections, bacterial infections, psoriasis, and scalp infections. In addition, regular application of the oil will help minimize scalp soreness and hair follicle inflammation.

  • Delays premature graying of hair 

Premature graying results from a loss of melanin pigment responsible for hair color. Even though graying of hair can be largely dictated by genetics, the oil can reduce the impact due to its darkening properties. In addition, the oil naturally contains two more natural herbs called Haritaki and Jatamansi. These two ingredients help preserve the hair’s natural color and texture.

  • Treats dandruff and white skin flakes

It has a ton of anti-inflammatory and antifungal qualities that can reduce dandruff. This natural oil might help you fight dandruff and reduce seasonal dryness by a great deal. Its anti-inflammatory and antifungal characteristics help lessen the irritation from a dry scalp and the symptoms of scalp psoriasis. In addition, the oil goes deeper into the hair follicles and helps moisturize the scalp.

  • Promotes faster hair growth

Did you know that massaging the scalp with the oil of false daisy on the head opens blood vessels, improving blood flow to the hair roots and hair? This oil is also rich in vitamin E. This nutrient works well to combat the effect of the free radicals that interfere with faster hair growth. 

Regular massaging with the oil will increase blood flow to the roots of your hair. Higher blood circulation can accelerate hair growth. In addition, the oil stimulates hair growth by reactivating hair follicles. Therefore, this could be the answer if you are looking for a fast hair growth oil!

  • Combats frequent and excessive hair fall

This natural oil is quite effective in treating hair loss regardless of the cause. Regular massage with it is believed to calm your thoughts and stop stress-related hair loss. Try this oil if you experience hair loss, dandruff problems, premature graying, or scalp infection. This might be the solution to most of your hair-related problems. 

How to buy it online?

To avail the maximum benefits of the king of hair oil, it is recommended that you choose a trusted online brand. Also, remember to check for certifications like Made Safe. One of the best options is the ‘BhringAmla Hair Oil with Bhringraj and Amla for Intense Hair Treatment’ by Mamaearth. 

BhringAmla Hair Oil is a carefully made, nourishing blend of fifteen medicinal herbs, including Amla Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Brahmi, and Baheda. This recipe has been passed down for generations and is a potent potion for your hair. The traditional ‘Kshirpak Vidhi’ has been used to prepare this oil. However, it is based on an esoteric and ancient Ayurvedic process where ‘Kshira’ or milk is blended with different herbs.

Mamaearth is Asia’s first brand to offer Made Safe-certified skincare and haircare products. The latter is also certified by the FDA and PETA. All their products are toxin-free, thus ensuring the optimum natural care for your hair. As PETA has certified them, this implies that all their products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

The best hair oil for longer hair

Do you dream of hair that is not only healthy but also thick and long? Applying the right short hair growth oil and frequently massaging your scalp will help you obtain the desired results. In addition, a regular massage will help you strengthen hair follicles and boost blood circulation.

This fast hair growth oil from Mamaearth has been specially designed to rejuvenate hair and stimulate hair growth. In addition, the oil enables reducing hair fall and repairing your hair damage. The soothing formula has been designed to help you reap the benefits of this oil. It will moisturize and replenish your dry scalp while the antimicrobial properties clear dandruff. 

In hindsight

Bhringraj oil provides the best nourishment for your hair’s scalp and strengthens it, giving your hair a fantastic sheen, luster, and smoothness. It is a successful management and prevention strategy for early graying and hair loss. Inculcate this in your hair care routine today!

Did you know?

Mamaearth is a plastic-positive brand. It recycles more plastic than it uses for manufacturing and branding purposes. Every time an order is placed through their website, this plastic-positive brand also plants a seedling. This initiative has already helped to grow 3,00,000 seedlings and plants and the number is only growing. This brand is thus busy making the world a safer and greener place for everyone to live in. 

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