West Bengal BJP Warning For Dilip Ghosh Over Behavior TMC Says BJP Save Its Sand Palace | West Bengal BJP: दिलीप घोष को पार्टी आलाकमान ने लगाई फटकार, टीएमसी ने कहा


West Bengal BJP: After the defeat in the West Bengal assembly elections, nothing is going well for the BJP there. Many party leaders have joined TMC and the process is continuing. Meanwhile, BJP has reprimanded former West Bengal President Dilip Ghosh. He has been advised not to speak against party colleagues and has been asked to refrain from such statements. Such behavior will not be accepted in any way. BJP has said that this will harm the party and all their previous hard work will also be affected.

State President was targeted
Ghosh, the former West Bengal BJP president, hit out at its new president Sukanta Majumdar, terming him as an “inexperienced” leader who has come into limelight “recently”. The party’s national general secretary, Arun Singh, in a scathing letter to Ghosh, cautioned him against speaking against party leaders in public forums. Singh said that this letter has been issued on the instructions of party president JP Nadda.

Ghosh, however, claimed that he had not received any such letter so far and wondered how the letter reached the media even before he received it. Singh said that he would like to apprise Ghosh of the deep pain and concern caused to the party by such statements and “advise you not to comment in public forums or in the media about your colleagues in West Bengal or anywhere else”. Avoid it.”

Singh said in his letter, “Such comments will only harm the party and your own hard work in the past will also be wasted. Moreover, such statements by a person of your stature who is the National Vice President can lead to deep discontent, unrest and alienation among party workers… National leadership of BJP is deeply concerned about issuing such statements through media. Singh said that party workers look up to you for direction, support and encouragement to continue the commendable work started by you as the President of West Bengal State BJP.

TMC took a jibe
Now Trinamool Congress is also taunting BJP on this matter. The ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) said on Twitter that the development reflects the lack of unity in the BJP camp. TMC tweeted, “We have said it before and will say it again that BJP has built a house of cards which is rapidly falling apart. Dilip Ghosh condemned by BJP central leadership for lack of organizational unity in his party Points to. Save your sand castle from the sea.’

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