We Strongly Rebut The Sensational Rumour-mongering There Is No Heavy Rush Of The Minority Community Says Srinagar Airport


Srinagar Airport Statement: The Srinagar airport in Jammu and Kashmir has denied all the rumors that claimed that Kashmiri Pandit groups have decided to leave the valley within 24 hours.

According to the statement issued by the airport, we strongly refute those spreading sensational rumours. According to the airport statement, we handle 16,000 to 18,000 passengers everyday. Even today the number of passengers is average. There is no huge crowd of minority community.

what was the claim

It was being claimed that Kashmiri Pandits have started leaving the valley amid increasing target killings in Srinagar. The claims said that the Pandit groups have decided to leave for Jammu within 24 hours. Due to which there is a huge crowd of non-locals, KP employees, other Hindus working in the private sector at the Srinagar airport.

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It was also being said through the viral post that this post is of Vijay Kumar of Rajasthan, who was married just 40 days ago, was shot dead in his office in Kulgam this morning.

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