Vijay Kumar Promise To Come Home In July Month But His Dead Body Reach In Village Ann


Target Killing: Vijay Kumar, a resident of Rajasthan, who was killed in Kulgam in Jammu and Kashmir, was posted in this bank three days ago. The terrorists made them their target by targeting them and kept the family devastated while playing a laugh. Vijay Kumar was a resident of village God in Nohar tehsil of Hanumangarh district. Vijay Kumar had promised his family to come to his house in July but today only his dead body reached the village. Smart in reading and writing, Vijay Kumar did his schooling from Nohar.

About 4 months ago, Vijay Kumar, who was tied in marriage with Manoj Kumari, could not even watch his wedding album and video and before that he became a victim of terrorist attack. They were married on February 10 this year.

Vijay Kumar’s wife was in Kulgam

His wife was in Kulgam at the time when he was attacked. Vijay’s younger brother Anil had left his sister-in-law from Kulgam village a few days back. There was a difference of two years in the age of Anil and Vijay but the relation between the two brothers was friendly. There is chaos in Vijay’s house and the tears of mother and wife are not taking the name of stopping. Manoj has come from Kulgam to Bhagwan village with the body of her husband. Mother Ramati is sorry that if her Lal had already left such a job, she would not have had to see this day.

Vijay’s family active in the education sector

Vijay’s family has farming in the village but most of the family members belong to the education field. Father Om Prakash is a teacher in Government School and his three uncles and uncle are also teachers. The elderly grandparents of the house are also an important part of this family. According to father Om Prakash, Vijay was very intelligent in reading and writing.

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