Top US General Said Chinese Activities Near Ladakh Border Are Eye-opening | India China Relations: टॉप यूएस जनरल ने कहा


India China Relations: A top US general said on Wednesday that the establishment of some defense infrastructure by China near the border with India in Ladakh is “worrying” and that it is a matter of concern. Chinese activities in the region are “eye-opening”.

US Army Pacific Commanding General Charles A. Flynn said the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) “destabilizing and increasing pressure” behavior in the Indo-Pacific is not going to help it and the defenses being established by China near its border with India. The infrastructure is worrying.

The armed forces of India and China have maintained tense relations along the border in eastern Ladakh since May 5, 2020, when violent clashes broke out between the two sides in the Pangong Tso areas.

China is building a bridge
Last month, it emerged that China was building another bridge in its occupied area around the strategically important Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh to help the army move its troops to the region quickly. To help mobilize.

China has also been establishing other infrastructure like roads and residential areas along the border areas with India. China has maritime boundary disputes with various countries of the Indo-Pacific region such as Vietnam and Japan.

,China’s activities are eye-opening Wally,
Asked about his assessment of the India-China border standoff in Ladakh, Flynn said, “China’s activities in the region are “eye-opening”. Some of the defense infrastructure being set up by China near its border with India is a matter of concern.

The US general said, “I think the infrastructure being created in (Chinese Army’s) Western Theater Command is worrying.” The Chinese Army’s Western Theater Command is bordering India. He said China’s “destabilizing and pressurizing” behavior is not going to help it.

Flynn said that when one looks at China’s military arsenal, one should ask why it is needed. “Therefore, I have no ‘magic mirror’ to tell you how this (India-China border standoff) will end or where we will be,” he said, referring to the talks between India and China. She is helpful.

Flynn also explained how China’s behavior has changed between 2014 and 2022. He said that China’s unstable and bitter behavior in the Indo-Pacific region is not helpful. Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said on May 9 that the basic issue with China is the resolution of the border issue, but his intention has been to maintain it.

The standoff in Eastern Ladakh started on 4-5 May 2020 and India has been insisting on restoration of the situation before the standoff.

15 rounds of military talks between India and China
India and China have so far held 15 rounds of military talks to resolve the Eastern Ladakh dispute. Troops were withdrawn from the north and south banks of Pangong Tso and Gogra as a result of diplomatic and military talks between the two sides.

Flynn said the Indian and US armies held a joint military exercise in Alaska last year and emphasized that such a move enhances readiness to respond to any crisis.

The US general said, “I am really excited about the future of the ‘Combat Exercise’ in India this year, where General Pandey and Lt Gen Raju will be performing exercises at an altitude of 9,000-10,000 feet above sea level. They have agreed.

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