The New Age of Microsoft Viva Sales Specialists 


Microsoft Viva is a new digital sales productivity platform that enables salespeople to connect with their customers and colleagues in a more personalized and engaging way. Viva provides a single, unified view of customer information and activity across Microsoft 365 applications, making it easy for salespeople to access the information they need to build relationships and drive sales. Viva also includes new features such as video calling, chat, and co-authoring, which make it easy for salespeople to collaborate with their team and customers.

Sales representatives for Microsoft Viva, a new employee-engagement platform, will use a consultative selling approach when working with potential customers. We spoke with an IT Support Company who has been helping customers to get the most out of their Microsoft products, this IT Support Company provides businesses with IT Support in London and are a Microsoft Solutions Partner. They noted that many sales companies are using Microsoft Viva to grow their sales as business as a whole too.

The software giant, which announced the product this week at its Ignite conference, is taking a different tack with Viva than it has with other business products, said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for Microsoft 365. Instead of trying to sell Viva as a technology solution, Microsoft is positioning the product as a way to help customers address four key areas of employee experience: culture, learning, knowledge, and well-being, Spataro said.

To that end, Microsoft has created a new sales role, called a Viva Specialist, who will work with customers to help them understand how the product can address their specific needs. The Viva Specialist will use a ‘listening tour’ approach to understand a customer’s business and culture, and then make recommendations on how Viva can be used to improve employee experience in those areas, Spataro said. The Specialist will also work with customers to create a pilot program for Viva, and then help them measure the results of the pilot to determine whether Viva is a good fit for their organization and has provides countless companies with ways to save money and be more economical while using Microsoft Viva and additional Microsoft tools and applications.

The goal is to help customers ‘achieve their aspirations’ for employee experience. The company is also working on making Viva available to partners, so they can offer the product to their customers. Microsoft is betting that its consultative approach to selling Viva will help it gain traction in the market for employee-engagement platforms, which is currently dominated by startups such as Slack and Workplace by Facebook.

Microsoft’s focus on employee experience sets Viva apart from other products in the market. The Microsoft Partner Network provides access to technical and business resources that can help partners succeed. The technical resources include access to the latest Microsoft software, support for technical questions, and training resources. The business resources include marketing resources, sales resources, and business planning resources. The Microsoft Partner Network also provides access to a community of other partners who can share best practices and help partners grow their business.

Having a Microsoft Partner on your side will ensure you are making the most of your technology and using the right Microsoft tools for your business, while also saving money at the same time. If you would like to find a Microsoft Partner to help you, reach out to one like TechQuarters who provide Small Business IT Support London Solutions and are a Microsoft Solutions Partner as well. The Microsoft Partner Network is a great way for partners to build their business and showcase their expertise. The resources and community support can help partners succeed in today’s business environment.

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