Styling Your Blazers: All That You Must Know


Coats can give structure and flair to practically any ensemble. Dark-coloured coats with patch pockets and gold and silver-coloured buttons are the norm. Innovative colour schemes, wooden buttons, knit materials, leather traces, and patterns such as stripes and plaids are some of the newest trends in blazer design. While suits are typically worn with matching pants, coats may be paired with various alternatives, including chinos, jeans, and more. Blazers, like suits, have been a mainstay of the male wardrobe for a long time. The figure-flattering qualities of these garments have also made them a staple in women’s wardrobes during the past decade.

Styles and Types

Men’s coats, both single-breasted and double-breasted, have been around for decades. As a result, it is a popular workplace attire choice compared to the more casual style of the former. The shape of the lapels and the fabric’s colour also have a role in giving the formality of the apparel’s appearance.

  • Coats With One Shoulder Pocket

In the front, towards the middle of the body, one or more buttons are placed in a vertical line to close the coat. The jacket’s left and right sides overlap where these buttons are positioned. There is just a little amount of overlap here.

  • Double-Breasted 

This type has a more significant fabric overlap than a single-breasted version. A horizontal line of buttons is used to hold the overlapping cloth in place. Single-breasted ones, on the other hand, are more casual.

  • Various Styles of Collars

Mandarin collars and notched collars with a tab closure are the trends this season. Slim-fit coats with military-style pockets are the most common place to see these pockets. And these outfits are fashionable and ideal for a night on the town.

Seasonal Fashions

Warm-weather blazers are frequently lined and composed of heavy materials like corduroy or wool blends. Lighter, beach-inspired hues and designs and lightweight materials like cotton and linen are standard in casual tuxedos for warm weather.

Considerations for the Fabric

Various materials are available for men’s and women’s blazers, from simple twill to luxurious velvet. Meanwhile, lightweight ones are ideal for summer, while heavier ones may be used as outerwear in the colder months.

Choosing a specific fabric isn’t just about the weather, though. You may try some of the trendiest denim, leather, and lace choices for an edgy twist on your style. The soft cotton yarns and other fabrics also provide a slouchier styling option.

Identifying the Ideal Match

With coats, a great fit equals a great appearance. And when shopping for them online, knowing your exact dimensions is critical. So, measure the diameter of your waist and the broadest portions of your torso and chest with a fabric measuring tape. The distance between the shoulder seams and the length from the shoulder seam to the wrist on a well-fitting shirt should also be measured. And while searching for men’s tuxedos online, check the sizing information carefully.

Creating a Unique Personality

Dressing up or down is part of the pleasure of wearing a blazer. So at work, you may pair it with an Oxford shirt, for lunch, you can pair it with a scarf, and for an after-hours party, you might accessorise it in three different ways.

These clothing apparel are virtually begging to be paired with other pieces. As such, leggings look fantastic with long women’s coats, while dresses and pencil skirts look wonderful with short women’s models. These coats of any length can be paired with skinny jeans, and when it comes to pants, a man’s tuxedo goes well with a wide variety of fabrics, from denim to corduroy. Traditional navy blue blazers may also be worn with a polo shirt, denim chinos, and gold cufflinks for a preppy style, whereas an ultra-fitted black coat can be worn with a T-shirt or damaged jeans and a beanie for a movie date or a rock concert.

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