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Pilot Project of Arvind Kejriwal: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today visited the road from Britannia Chowk to Outer Ring Road in Pitampura, being made beautiful under the pilot project. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that the roads in Delhi are very wide, but not of international standard. We are trying to make them very beautiful. 500 kms from Delhi. We are designing the longer roads according to the European standard. Today I personally took stock of the road from Britannia Chowk to Outer Ring Road. There is still room for some more improvement in this. By fixing them soon, we will make the roads of Delhi more beautiful. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that work is going on 16 stretches under the pilot project in Delhi and all the pilot projects will be completed from September to October. After the pilot project, the model which will be good, we will implement it in 500 km long roads of Delhi to be built of European standard. During this inspection, Deputy CM and Public Works Minister Manish Sisodia and senior officials of PWD were present.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a terrestrial review of the road from Britannia Chowk to Outer Ring Road, located in the West Enclave of Pitampura, which is being re-designed and developed on European standards. During this, Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister Manish Sisodia and senior officers also accompanied him. PWD officials informed CM Arvind Kejriwal in detail about the progress of the road being made beautiful by redesigning it on European standard. Officials said that this stretch is 5.2 km long, out of which two km of road beautification work has been completed and work is going on in full swing on the rest. Officials said that a cycle track is also being built for the people on one side of the road. Also, footpaths have been made for people to walk on. All the trees have been designed along the stretch and small saplings have been planted. Adequate space has been provided for pedestrians and road users to sit and rest. Showing the design of the road, officials said that a lot of work has been done and some work is going on.

CM Arvind Kejriwal expressed his displeasure over the plants planted on the side of the road and on the central square were not found to be of better quality. There is a lot of distance between the plants planted on the central verge in many places and the plants are also very small. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that trees should be planted in the same way as dense plants are planted along the roads of European countries and on the Central Verge. He asked the officials to plant trees a little bigger and denser along the roadside and on the central verge, so that it looks beautiful. At the same time, there is a big wall on one side of this stretch. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia directed the officials to talk to the person concerned for the beautification of the wall. If they want, they can beautify the wall themselves and the Delhi government will pay for it or they allow it, so that the Delhi government can beautify the wall itself. He advised to make beautiful paintings on the wall.

During this, CM Arvind Kejriwal while talking to the media said that we have just taken stock of a stretch of the road being developed by re-designing on European lines. We are trying to make the roads very beautiful inside Delhi. Delhi is the capital of the country. We go around the world including London, Tokyo, New York, Washington, cities in Europe, so how beautiful are the roads. Our roads are very wide. But if seen on the international standard, then it is not of that standard. Our aim is to make the roads of Delhi very beautiful. Under the same effort, in the first phase, we aim to beautify the 500 km long roads of the Public Works Department. Before beautifying 500 km of roads, we are trying to do small stretches under the pilot project. Today we inspected a stretch of the road being beautified under the same pilot project. There are about 16 stretches under the pilot project in Delhi, on which work is going on and all the pilot projects will be completed by September-October. After that we will see which pilot project is good, which model is good, which we have to implement in 500 km of roads across Delhi. Work is going on right now and more improvements will continue to be made in it.

Roads will also present a glimpse of nationalism along with modernity

The roads of Delhi, being developed on the lines of European cities, will present a glimpse of patriotism along with modernity. If someone passes through these roads developed on European lines, then along with modernity, the feeling of patriotism will also be awakened in him. Statues of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Rani Laxmi Bai will be installed on the side of the road to instil a sense of nationalism among the people. Apart from this, work of artefacts, sand stone bench, Buddha statue, state of art info board, steel element, sand stone art will be done on FOBBARE, FOB. A cycle track will also be built on one side of the road.

Bottlenecks will be abolished by redesigning the roads

Redesigning the roads will eliminate bottlenecks. At present, a road turns from four lane to three lane or from six lane to four lane. Due to this suddenly the pressure of vehicles increases at one place on the road and a situation of jam is created. After the re-design of the roads, this problem will go away and the road will look uniform wide. This will eliminate the problem of jam. By eliminating the space on the side of the road or nearby roads, that space will be used well. Pavement, space for non-motor vehicles will be made. The minimum footpath of 5 feet will be increased to a maximum of 10 feet. The footpath will be designed according to the convenience of the differently-abled, so that the road looks uniform and the differently-abled do not face any problem.

Greenery will be increased along the roads

After the re-design of the roads, there will be more space for planting trees on the sidewalks and there will also be a lot of space for the green belt. Separate place and stand will be given for auto and e-rickshaw. Road slopes and drains will be re-designed and re-constructed. Re-harvesting systems will be installed inside the drains. The slope of the road will be corrected so that rain water can be recharged in the ground. Street furniture will be installed, the junction will be fixed and there will be no open space on the road. Grass or trees will be planted along the road and the roads will be re-surfaced.

The problem of dust pollution will end by increasing greenery

After the re-design of the roads, the greenery around the road will increase significantly. Not even an inch of land on the road will be vacant, where there is no grass. This will eliminate the problem of dust pollution on the road. Right now the problem of dust flying on the roads is causing problems to the people. Green belt or grass will be planted on the vacant land on the side of the road, so that the roads look beautiful due to greenery and pollution caused by dust can be eliminated.

These plants will be installed on the roads being built under the pilot project

The Tourism Department of Delhi Government will plant saplings of Topri Group on the roads being developed on European lines. Most of the plants of this topiary group are more oxygen-producing and beautiful to look at. These plants are used for decoration. Apart from this, saplings of Bismarckia nobilis, Roystona regia, Phoenix dactylifera species will be planted. Palm group plants will also be planted. The leaves and stems of these plants are used for ornamental and beautification purposes.

These facilities will be available on the redesigned roads

  • parking for rickshaw
  • designated parking space
  • green belt
  • public open space
  • cycle lane
  • walking path lane
  • Various designs will be displayed on the road walls
  • If there is a park next to the road, it will not be covered by a wall, so that the beauty of the park can be seen from the road.

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