Refurbished & Used Samsung Phones: A Buyer’s Guide!


Planning to buy a brand new Samsung phone but the price range is no way within your budget? Well, stop breaking your head and consider buying a refurbished Samsung phone!

Notable surveys report that the market for refurbished mobile devices has witnessed an enormous growth of 15% in the last year while the new smartphone market grew as minimal as 4.5%.

Refurbished phones are now one of the most appealing options when it comes to replacing an existing mobile device. That’s more so because consumers get an opportunity to purchase the latest smartphone models at a comparatively low rate.

But are refurbished and used smartphones the same? No! Although most consumers believe that they both are synonymous with each other, in reality, they are quite different. Hence, before delving deep into the guide to purchasing refurbished phones, let’s find out the difference between refurbished and used phones.

Refurbished & Used Phone: Overview

  • Refurbished Phones: These phones are actually pre-owned mobile devices that are re-manufactured or repaired and then handed over to retailers or manufacturers for sale. Any hardware or software faults found in these phones are restored to their factory settings to ensure that the renewed phone is in fully working condition. Further, these manufacturers and retailers examine the quality and functionality of the devices through standard quality check tests.
  • Used Phones: These phones are second-hand phones that are sold in as-is condition. That means nothing has been repaired or changed in the devices to renew their performance and appearance. Unlike refurbished phones that undergo a thorough process of refurbishment to make them work like a brand new phone, used phones are sold with all the software and hardware faults unattended.

Refurbished Phones: Does it Work as Well as Brand New Phones?

When it comes to investing in a smartphone, the first and most important factor that most consumers consider is whether the device will be capable of providing value for money. However, to determine the quality of the device, you should essentially consider understanding the refurbishment process followed by the manufacturer or retailer from whom you are planning to purchase the mobile device.

For instance, if you are planning to buy a Samsung s9 refurbished phone, you should always pick used phones certified as “Factory Refurbished”. Such phones are refurbished by a dealer or manufacturer who has a team of expert technicians to handle the refurbishment process. It ensures that all the faulty parts in the used phone are replaced with original parts, certifying the functioning of the device, and renewing it to “like new” condition, just like a brand new phone. 

Now that you have a brief idea about refurbished phones, how is it different from used phones, and does it really operate like brand new phones, let’s move on to the perks of buying a refurbished mobile device.

Buying a refurbished Samsung phone: Is it a smart investment?

Yes, purchasing a refurbished Samsung mobile is a smart investment! Read on to know why. 

  • Certified Functionality: A thorough refurbishment process involves multiple quality checks to ensure quality operation. Particularly, certified Samsung phone manufacturers and dealers make sure to sell high-quality refurbished phones without any faults or defects. Hence, buying a Samsung s9 refurbished phone from a reputable dealer provides complete assurance that you are getting a phone in perfect working condition. 
  • Inexpensive: With constant technological upgrades and alluring smartphone models launched every couple of months, it is really hard to resist buying a new phone. However, although we often desire to buy the latest iPhone or Samsung phone as soon as it’s launched in the market, our pocket does not allow us to do so. Herein comes the significance of purchasing refurbished phones. Yes, refurbished phones allow you to operate the latest technology at a fraction of the regular price. Notable research reports that refurbished phones can be at an approx. 60% cheaper than their newer counterparts.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Next comes the warranty or money-back guarantee offered on refurbished Samsung phones. Unlike used Samsung phones that are not guaranteed, refurbished phones come with a warranty, especially if you purchase such a phone from a reputed and certified retailer or manufacturer. Usually, you can expect to get a warranty card for 3-6 months. Luckily, several dealers also offer money-back guarantees on reconditioned phones. It means that if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the purchased phone, you can return the product within a specified period and get a full refund for it. 

Bottom Line

Hope this blog helped you understand the significance of refurbished or reconditioned phones. Perhaps you will find several sites selling refurbished Samsung phones but it is also essential to consider if the site or dealer you have chosen is a legit one or not. Some uncertified dealers or retailers sell poor-quality used phones on popular platforms as refurbished ones. Beware of such scammers while purchasing a renewed phone like a Samsung s9 refurbished phone, iPhone 11 refurbished phone, or any other reconditioned device from top-end brands. 

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