Rajya Sabha Election Only In 4 States Including Maharashtra Rajasthan Haryana Small Parties Playing Key Roll


Election In 4 States: Rajya Sabha election is going on now. Out of 57 seats where elections are going on, 41 seats have been filled. MPs (MPs) have been elected unopposed in 11 out of 15 states. Now elections are to be held in the remaining 4 states of Maharashtra (Maharashtra), Rajasthan (Rajasthan), Haryana (Haryana) and 16 seats of Karnataka (Karnataka), these elections are going to be held on June 10. Of these, elections are to be held on 6 seats in Maharashtra, 4 seats each in Rajasthan and Karnataka and 2 seats in Haryana. This election is not going to be that easy. All the parties are getting scared for this election. That is why the prices of small parties and independent MLAs are high at this time.

All the parties are afraid that if the MLAs of our party may disappear, only then these MLAs are kept in safe houses and expensive hotels. So let us understand whose story fits where in these 4 states and why small parties and independent MLAs turn silver.


Elections are to be held on 6 Rajya Sabha seats in Maharashtra and seven candidates are in the fray. If we look at the strength of the assembly, then three seats of Mahavikas Aghadi can be won while BJP can win on two seats. There is to be high voltage drama for the sixth seat here. The sixth candidate is Sanjay Pawar of Mahavikas Aghadi and Dhananjay Mahadik of BJP. There has been an atmosphere of tug of war for this seat. Now talking of equations, BJP is the largest party in Maharashtra with 105 MLAs. Shiv Sena has 55 MLAs, 44 of Congress and 54 of NCP. 42 votes are needed for a candidate to win. After winning its official candidate, Congress will be left with 2 surplus votes. NCP has 12 surplus votes which it has promised to give to Shiv Sena. Army will have 13 surplus votes. If everyone is included, then the surplus votes of MVA are 27, which means that he will have to collect 15 votes from outside. Mahavikas Aghadi expects from smaller parties and independents.


The equations have changed with media baron Subhash Chandra fielding an independent candidate from Rajasthan. Chandra has indirect support of BJP. BSP has issued a whip for its MLAs to vote for Chandra. In such a situation, to keep its MLAs united, Congress has brought them to Udaipur. The reason for tension for the ruling Congress is the G-6 group. These include four BSP MLAs and two Congress MLAs. When the BSP MLAs won, they were on the party’s election symbol but later came with the Congress. The BJP has 71 seats in the 200-member Rajasthan Assembly, while the Congress is in 108 seats. BJP hopes that if 13 independents, three RLP MLAs and two BJP MLAs vote for Chandra, he will win. Congress has deposited its MLAs in Udaipur, then BJP is thinking of setting up a camp in Jaipur. In a hotel there, from June 6, the MLAs will be under the supervision of senior party leaders. BJP is calling it a ‘training camp’ but Arun Singh and Narendra Singh Tomar have been posted in the hotel to keep an eye on it.


Elections are to be held on 4 seats in Karnataka in which a candidate needs 45 votes to win. BJP has the support of 121 MLAs and is contesting on three seats, while Congress is contesting on two seats with the support of 70 MLAs. With this, JDS is contesting on one seat with the support of 32 MLAs.


Here the entry of media entrepreneur Kartikeya Sharma as an independent candidate has made the contest for the second seat of Rajya Sabha challenging. Ajay Maken of Congress is getting a strong fight. Maken can win if at least 30 MLAs out of 31 Congress MLAs vote for him, but the buzz is that three party MLAs have kept all their options open. There is a possibility of bargaining or cross voting in this. Sharma is set to get the votes of 10 MLAs of Dushyant Chautala’s JJP and 10 remaining MLAs of BJP. In such a situation, the role of the seven independent MLAs of the state becomes important.

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