Prophet Mohammad Remarks Row Asaduddin Owaisi Asked Will The Bulldozer Run At Nupur Sharmas House Now


Asaduddin Owaisi On Nupur Sharma: BJP has suspended its party spokesperson Nupur Sharma in the matter of objectionable remarks on Prophet Mohammed. But this matter is not getting settled. On this matter, AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi said in an exclusive interview with ABP News that Nupur Sharma should be arrested. He said that Nupur Sharma has not apologized, but has written ‘If’ in English in her statement. Where did he apologize?

Asaduddin Owaisi said that this government does the politics of bulldozers. Whenever something happens, the bulldozer gets it started, so will the bulldozer run at Nupur Sharma’s house now? He said that when it comes to the Muslims of the country, PM Modi does not listen to them. PM does not understand the suffering of Indian Muslims. He has accused the BJP of humiliating the Muslims of the country.

If the government had acted earlier, there would have been no violence in Kanpur.

Owaisi further said that if action had been taken against Nupur Sharma, there would have been no violence in Kanpur. Now NSA is being imposed on Muslims there. I cannot give right and wrong verdict in Kanpur case. We do not stand with violence. We are saying that if the government had done something earlier, there would have been no violence. If action had been taken earlier, this story would have ended.

He said that why BJP remembered later that Nupur Sharma had to be thrown out of the party. BJP tells its people to go and abuse. He said that BJP tells its spokespersons to give hate speech in TV debates. On the incident of Kanpur violence, BJP immediately imposed NSA. But no action was taken against those who made controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammad. He said that the political parties did not say anything on this issue because their Hindu votes would have been lost.

this is the whole matter

Significantly, BJP on Sunday suspended party spokesperson Nupur Sharma from primary membership for 6 years for controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad. This whole matter started when Nupur Sharma participated in the debate of a private channel on 27th May. During this Gyanvapi Mosque The controversy over the issue was being discussed. During this Nupur Sharma had allegedly made some remarks against Prophet Muhammad (Objectionable Remarks on Prophet Muhammad). After this Nupur’s video went viral and accused her of insulting the Prophet. After this there was a strong protest against the BJP in the country and the demand for the arrest of Nupur Sharma was also raised.

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