Possibility Of Horse Trading In Rajysabha Election Congress File A Complaint In Acb ANN


Mahesh Joshi at ACB: Rajya Sabha elections once again after the entry of SOG and ACB in the case of conspiracy to topple the government and horse-trading of MLAs during the political crisis in the state in the year 2020. ACB’s entry has also been made in this. Due to the fear of horse-trading in the elections to the four Rajya Sabha seats, on behalf of the Congress party, Cabinet Minister and Chief Whip in the Legislative Assembly Mahesh Joshi called the ACB Headquarters. ) Access complaint is filed. Where he made a complaint to ACB DG BL Soni.

On this occasion, Minister Mahesh Joshi said that these days fear is being expressed through social media and in many ways that there may be a huge game of money power in the Rajya Sabha elections, which weakens democracy.

BJP’s support to independent candidate

At the same time, he said that for the first time it has happened that an independent is contesting the Rajya Sabha elections and BJP has their support, in such a situation, even if the MLAs come in their support, they can come only and only through horse trading and its possibility remains constant. happened. He is the Government Chief Whip in the Vidhan Sabha, so it is his responsibility to alert the ACB about this, so he has given a complaint to the ACB. At the same time, after reaching the case of horse-trading in ACB, there is bound to be a ruckus in the politics of Rajasthan.

Independent election fighting Subhash Chandra

Subhash Chandra is contesting as an independent from Rajasthan but he has the support of BJP. Out of 200 assembly seats, 71 MLAs are from BJP. At the same time, BSP has asked its 6 MLAs to vote for Subhash Chandra. Although these 6 MLAs had joined the Congress, but these people had won their seats on the BSP’s election symbol, so Mayawati issued a whip, so these people are bound to work according to the whip. . If these people do not do this, then instructions have also been issued against them for appropriate action.

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