Police Will Go To Court For Ask Remand Of Jafar Hayat In Kanpur Violence Case Ann


Jafar Hayat Police Remand: An application was given in the court today to take Jafar Hayat, the main accused of Kanpur Violence, on police remand. Zafar Hayat is currently in judicial custody. On this matter, Kanpur Police has interrogated Zafar for several hours and tried to get information related to the matter. So, with permission from the court, the SIT has also questioned Zafar. The SIT questioned Zafar about the conspiracy of violence and funding. After this, today the police has given an application in the court to take the accused on remand.

Earlier, Zafar Hayat was produced in the court on June 5 from where he was sent to judicial custody for 14 days. Along with Zafar, three other accused were also produced in the court.

Remand sought for Zafar and his three accomplices

In the Kanpur violence case, Zafar Hayat Hashmi was produced by the police in the court on Sunday. While hearing the court, he was sent to jail. After this, the police prepared the documents for remand and were presented in the court on Wednesday. These documents were presented in the court on behalf of SIT Chief Investigator Tripurari Pandey and the police remand of the jailed master mind Hayat Umar and his three accomplices was sought.

Names of SP leaders in mastermind Hayat Zafar’s mobile

The police, which is investigating the Kanpur Violence, are also scouting the mobile phones and WhatsApp of the arrested accused. As the investigation progresses, new faces are emerging. Many WhatsApp groups have been found in the mobile of Jafar Hayat Hashmi, the mastermind of violence. The names of Samajwadi Party’s Kanpur MLA Irfan Solanki, SP MLA Amitabh Bajpai have also appeared in this WhatsApp group. The question is being raised that this is such a group from which an attempt is being made to instigate people. How are the Samajwadi Party leaders named in that group? At the same time, BJP has demanded action against the Samajwadi Party (SP) leaders.

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