PM Narendra Modi To Attend Save Soil Movement Delhi Launch Lifestyle For The Environment Life On World Environment Day Event Update


PM Modi in Save Soil Movement: Prime Minister on the occasion of World Environment Day Narendra Modi (PM Modi) will participate in the program organized on ‘Save Soil Andolan’ today. This program organized on ‘Save Soil Andolan’ will start at Vigyan Bhawan at 11 am. During the program, the Prime Minister will also address the people present here. ‘Save Soil Andolan’ is a global movement to raise awareness about the deteriorating health of soil and to create a conscious responsibility to improve it.

The movement was started in March 2022 by Sadhguru, who embarked on a 100-day motorcycle journey through 27 countries. Today is the 75th day of the 100-day journey. The Prime Minister’s participation in the program will serve to reflect shared concerns and commitment towards improving soil health in India.

‘Lifestyle for the Environment’ campaign launched
Apart from this, on the occasion of Environment Day, Prime Minister Modi will launch the global initiative ‘Lifestyle for the Environment Life’ campaign through video conferencing. This information was given by the PMO. During this time the ‘Life Global Call for Papers’ will also be launched, which will call on individuals, communities and organizations across the world to adopt an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Ideas and suggestions will be invited from academicians, universities and research institutes etc.

According to the information received from the PMO, Bill Gates, the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will also be present in the program. Apart from him, climate economist Lord Nicholas Stern, Nudge Theory author Cass Sunstein, Aniruddha Dasgupta, Chief Executive Officer and President of the World Resources Institute, Inger Anderson, global head of the United Nations Environment Program will be present among others.

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