Neeraj Bawana Gang Condemned Sidhu Moose Wala Murder And Issued Open Threat ANN | Sidhu Moose Wala Murder Case: ‘दो दिन में देंगे रिजल्ट’


Neeraj Bawana Gang Threats on Sidhu Moose Wala Murder: SIT investigation is going on in the murder of Punjabi singer and Congress leader Siddu Moosewala. Meanwhile, after the murder of Moosewala, once again the gang war can start in Punjab Delhi. After the death of Sidhu Musewala, Neeraj Bawana Gang has given an open challenge. Criticizing the killing of Musewala, this gang has warned of dire consequences.

After Vicky Dongar and Bambiha gang, Neeraj Bawana Gang has also come openly in the field. The Neeraj Bawana gang has openly threatened the killing of Sidhu Moosewala in a Facebook post. Neeraj Bawana gang has said that they will give the result within two days.

Neeraj Bawana gang open threat

Neeraj Bawania is lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail. Recently, gangsters Neeraj Bawania, Tillu Tajpuria had tied up with (Kaushal, Patial, Bambhiya) gang. It was only after the alliance of these five gangs that the Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested 12 of their shooters. Out of which three shooters had confessed to the murder of Vicky Mudukheda.

Threats of gang war increased?

Lawrence Bishnoi had claimed through a social media post that Lawrence Bishnoi had done it only to avenge the murder of Vicky Mudukheda. Sidhu Musewala (Sidhu Moose Wala) was murdered. Now Neeraj Bawania, Bambhiya gang is posting on social media about taking revenge for the murder of Siddu Musewala. There is often a gang war between Lawrence Bishnoi gang and Neeraj Bawania gang. Both keep killing each other’s shooters.

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