Naveen Jindal Exclusive Talk With ABP News On Prophet Mohammad Controversial Statement Ann | BJP से निष्कासित होने के बाद नवीन जिंदल ने ABP न्यूज़ से कहा


Controversial State on Prophet Muhammad: ABP News has a special conversation with the expelled BJP leader Naveen Jindal for making a controversial statement on Prophet Mohammad. In this conversation, he said that threats are being made by tagging the social account of my family. He said that a reward has been kept for killing me, whoever kills me will be given a reward of 1 million dollars. I am followed Video is made. There is mental pressure on the whole family. Yesterday I was going to the doctor, someone was making my video and was following.

On the decision of the party, he said that I do not have to comment. I do not want to discuss the decision. Naveen Jindal was asked that do you think the party took a wrong decision regarding you? What do you have to say on this decision of the party leadership, then read their answer-

don’t care about sacrificing

Whatever Modi ji and Amit Shah have done for this country, no politician has done this much before. Even if some sacrifices are made for the defense of the country, then one should not care. But the sacrifices they have given for the country, those who are suffering, they have done a lot for the country. The name, identity of India is in the whole country. When asked whether you are seeing the expulsion from the party as a sacrifice, he said that the feelings of innumerable people are coming in front of the organization. I have the same feelings.

The purpose was not to hurt religious sentiments.

Earlier, he (Naveen Jindal) had said that he did not wish to hurt any religion or community. But when there is an action, there is also a reaction. This is the result of that. I have reacted to action. He said that I have asked only one question. He also said that he will continue to work the way he is working.

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