MP News: भिंड कलेक्टर के एक आदेश ने उड़ा दी सरकारी महकमों की नींद, जानिए क्या है पूरा मामला


In Bhind of Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), an order of the Collector remains a matter of discussion among the officers and employees across the district. Bhind Collector Satish Kumar S  An order for compulsory retirement has been passed to the officers and employees who evaded duty by giving a certificate of illness at the time of election. These days the process of panchayat and urban body elections is going on in the state.

What is in the order of Bhind Collector?

Panic among officers/employees after order

Although some employees try to avoid duty on the pretext of illness in elections, but those officers and employees are afraid that if they actually fall ill and are unable to do duty, what will happen to them. This order of the Collector has also put the certificate made by the Competent Medical Board in the dock, which issues the certificate of illness only under the rules of the government.

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