Money Laundering Case: सत्येन्द्र जैन का अगले 4 दिनों में कई लोगों से कराया जा सकता है आमना-सामना, ED की जांच के दौरान सामने आई ये बात


Money Laundering Case: Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain’s ED custody has been extended by the Rouse Avenue Court for five days on Thursday. After this, he will remain in ED custody till June 13. Here, quoting sources and documents, during the investigation, it has come to know that the companies of Satendra Jain and his associates did not do any work but money came in them.

Satendra Jain himself had a meeting with Rajendra Bansal and CA Mohta. In this meeting, a complete plan was made about how the money would come through shell companies. Vaibhav Jain, aide of Satendra Jain, said in the statement given to the ED that the cash was given by Satendra Jain.

This cash was sent to shell companies in Kolkata. Cash was recovered in the raids held at Vaibhav Jain’s place two days ago. The ED is getting Satendra Jain to write the answers to the questions in his handwriting, so that he cannot back down later. Satendra Jain can now be confronted with many people over the course of four days.

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