Maharashtra: बारिश से पहले BMC के नाले की सफाई का एबीपी न्यूज ने किया फैक्ट चेक, जानिए क्या है स्थिति?


Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation: Rain in Mumbai is just a few days away. Meanwhile, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has claimed that the preparations before the rain have been completed and the BMC is now fully prepared for the rains. However, to know the ground reality of this, the team of ABP News reached Mumbai to do a reality check of cleaning of drains in urban areas of Mumbai.

BMC claims that cleaning of 108% drains has been completed in entire Mumbai, while  114% cleaning has been done in the city. Along with this, he claimed that the cleaning of small drains has been done 113% and the cleaning of Mithi river has been completed by 98%.

photos of Antop Hill drain telling a different story
Whereas, pictures of major drains in Antop Hill area of ​​Wadala are telling a different story. This drain was completely filled with garbage. Several slums are located close to the drain where about 1.5 lakh people live in the area. People claim that the drains have not been cleaned for the last 2 years, due to which the houses get flooded during the rains. 

Nalla seen to expose BMC’s claims
Krishnaveni Reddy said that if a drain is dirty and it is not cleaned, then there is a possibility of water logging in the areas during rains. There is doubt. However, in the area located on Antop Hill, there are many slums located near the garbage-filled drain where people live with their families. People say that the drain has not been cleaned for 2 years, due to this reason water had gone into people’s homes last year. Due to lack of cleanliness, diseases spread among children. People have demanded from BMC that this drain should be cleaned at the earliest.

Which drains were clearly visible in the investigation?
This area of ​​Antop Hill comes in Wadala area of ​​Mumbai, where our correspondent Lata Sharma investigated other drains after seeing the drains full of garbage. Of. The drain flowing to ABP News was clearly visible at Wadala Truck Terminal. At the same time, the small drain of MHADA transit camp was also clearly visible and the main drain of 90 feet road located in Dharavi was also clearly visible. Meanwhile, while on one side there is no cleaning of the drain in the area located at Antop Hill, on the other hand many important drains have been cleaned.

What is BMC’s claim regarding cleaning of drains?
108% in entire Mumbai  
114% in Mumbai city  
Eastern Suburban &nbsp ;108% of  
Western Suburban 107%  
98% of Sweet River  
113% of Minor Drains  
98% of Major Drains

What is the ground reality?
But these figures of BMC are completely different from the ground reality, although the cleaning work has been completed in many areas but in the area like Antop Hill Hill where more than 1.5 lakh More lakh people live there, why the drains were not cleaned for the last 2 years? This question is asked by ABP News Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

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