Last Rites Of Bank Manager Vijay In His Native Village Killed In The Terrorist Attack


Bank Manager Vijay: Bank manager Vijay Kumar, who was killed in the target killing on Thursday in Kulgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, was cremated today in his native village. given. Vijay Kumar was a resident of Bhagwan Village in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. As soon as the villagers got the news that bank manager Vijay Kumar was murdered by the terrorists, there was mourning in the village since then. The family members got a shock. Vijay Kumar was married just 4 months ago. The family members got information about the murder of Vijay Kumar only at 11 am on Thursday.

About 20 days ago, Anil Anil Beniwal, younger brother of Vijay Kumar, had left Areh Mohanpora, leaving his sister-in-law ie Vijay Kumar’s wife. Vijay Kumar’s father Omprakash Beniwal is a teacher in a government school. Due to the summer vacation in government schools these days, his father Omprakash was in the house. He was first informed about the murder of Vijay Kumar by the police station officer of Nohar, Ravindra Singh Naruka.

Vijay Kumar had talked about coming home next month.

The villagers took care of the family members who were weeping in the grief of the murder of Vijay Kumar. Vijay’s brother Anil told that two days ago, there was talk of family members on mobile with Vijay Kumar. Vijay had talked about taking leave next month. Anil told that in this hour of grief, the officials of Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan have called and consoled him.

Recently, Vijay Kumar had joined Kulgam Bank.

Vijay Kumar, who belongs to Hanumangarh in Rajasthan, started working in Kulgam branch a week ago. He was earlier working in the Kokarnag branch of a bank co-owned by the Central Government, Jammu and Kashmir Administration and State Bank of India. Terrorists had shot dead Hindu teacher Rajni Bala from Samba district of Jammu two days ago in Gopalpur in Kulgam district on May 31. Earlier on May 12, Rahul Bhat was shot dead inside the Tehsildar’s office in Chadoora tehsil of Budgam district. In Kashmir, since May 1, eight cases of target killing have been reported. These included five civilians and three policemen. These policemen were not on duty.

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