Kshama Bindu Married Herself Three Days Before The Due Date Wrote On Instagram I Became My Own Bride


Sologamy: Kshama Bindu, a resident of Gujarat, has married herself on Wednesday (June 8). Although the date of their wedding was fixed on June 11, but Kshama got married three days before to avoid any kind of dispute. Sorry Bindu says, “I didn’t get any threats but I wanted the marriage to be peaceful, so I did it first. It was like any other Hindu wedding. I put on sindoor and wore mangalsutra and garland. I took rounds too. ” Forgiveness told that in marriage, through Bluetooth from YouTube, marriage mantras were played.

Kshama announced the wedding on Thursday, sharing her photo as a bride on Instagram. She wrote in the caption of the photo, “I fell in love with myself, yesterday I became my own bride…”

Forgiveness said, “Even if someone likes me, I will not marry anyone because I do not want to be anyone’s wife.” He said that no one has the right to speak about sexual life.

first example of self marriage
Let us tell you that Bindu’s marriage is considered to be the first example of self-marriage or ‘sologamy’ in India. Bindu described his decision as an act of self-love. Talking to Times of India a few days ago, she said, “I never wanted to get married. But I wanted to be a bride. So I decided to marry myself.” She said, “Self-marriage is a commitment to oneself and unconditional love to oneself. People marry someone they love. I love myself and that’s why this marriage is happening.” Is.”

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