Karnataka Mangaluru College Suspends 24 Girls For Wearing Hijab


Karnataka Hjjab Row: Uppinangady College in Mangaluru, Karnataka has suspended 24 girl students who came wearing hijab to class on Tuesday. This college is one of the first class colleges of the government. These girl students have been suspended till Saturday. Order has been given to follow the dress code in the college, but even after this, the college has taken action when these girl students come wearing hijab.

Puttur MLA Sanjeeva Matandoor said, 24 more girl students who came to the class wearing hijab have been suspended. Regular classes are conducted in the college. MLA Matandur has warned of strict disciplinary action against girl students who do not follow the dress code implemented by the Karnataka High Court in the college. He says that even after this, girls are continuously coming in hijab in the college. They should follow the dress code of the college.

Former Congress minister Khadar said focus on studies

Ex-Minister UT Khader has suggested that Pro Hijab Protesters should enjoy the freedom they got in India and focus on studies and not hinder the studies of other children. On this statement of the former minister, MLA Matandur said, “The Muslim leader of Congress has spoken on the facts. If these students consider him as a leader, then they should respect his words.”

Teacher too tired of explaining on hijab

According to the Uppinangadi College Development Committee (CDC), “We have called parents several times to inform them about the rules related to uniforms. Parents do not have any problem with this, but despite this, girls are coming to college wearing hijab. Even the teachers are tired of explaining to the girl students many times about following the dress code.

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