Kanpur Clash 12 Arrest Within Twenty Four Hours More Than 500 Cases Registered Know What Happened


Kanpur Violence: The investigation of the Uttar Pradesh Police in the Kanpur violence is intensifying. So far 50 people have been arrested in this case. A total of 38 people had been arrested till 6 June. After this, 12 people have been arrested during the last 24 hours. On the other hand, there is a huge fear of Kanpur Police among stone pelters.

Police fear among stone pelters

After the posters of stone pelters were pasted by the Kanpur Commissionerate Police, a lot of fear can be seen. A youth named Sallu, who was involved in the violence, surrendered at the Kernelganj police station. The poster released by the police had a photo at number 13. The police had taken Sallu’s elder brother and brother-in-law into custody from Gammu Khan Hata last evening. After which Sallu surrendered in the police station late in the night. He was seen throwing stones in the video.

UP Police has released pictures of 40 suspects. It is alleged that all these people were involved in violence. On the basis of the video, the police have identified some such stone pelters, who are said to be involved in the violence. In the form of posters removed from the video footage, the police have pasted on the outposts and streets of Kanpur.

500 over-identified

Not only this, the police have also caught the suspected stone pelters seen in the poster number 13, 16, 22 and 31. The police is working day and night to unveil every truth, every character of Kanpur violence. So action is also being taken against those who help the miscreants. So far, police have registered cases against more than 500 people in Kanpur violence.

It is claimed that more than 100 accused have been identified. 50 accused have been arrested. In which mastermind Hayat Zafar Hashmi is also involved. Who has been sent to jail for 14 days at present. So in the case of provocative post, till now a case has been registered against 8 accused.

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