Indian Railways Update IRCTC Cancelled Trains On 7 June 2022


Train Canceled List of 7 June 2022: Today, if you are going to travel by train, then this news is of your use. Every day railways operates thousands of trains. In such a situation, the railway is considered to be the lifeline of the common people of the country. There will hardly be any person in this country who has not traveled by train at least once. But, sometimes trains have to be canceled many times due to different reasons. Due to this, the passengers have to face a lot of inconvenience.

There are many different reasons behind diverting trains, reschedule train list and cancel train list. Many times the time table of trains is changed or canceled because the railways have to repair the railway tracks from time to time. Every day thousands of passenger and freight trains pass through the railway tracks. In such a situation, it is very important to repair these tracks. Apart from this, due to bad weather like thunderstorm etc., many times trains are cancelled, diverted or rescheduled. Apart from this, trains have to be canceled many times to maintain law and order.

Railways canceled a total of 196 trains, so many trains were diverted
Today i.e. on 7th June 2022, Railways has canceled a total of 196 trains. A total of 7 trains have been rescheduled. The rescheduled trains include- train numbers 04133, 05258, 12859, 13054, 19015, 22638 and 22906. While the railways has also diverted a total of three trains. These include- train numbers 12650, 12650 and 18628. If you also want to check the list of today’s canceled, rescheduled and diverted trains, then check the list of all three like this-

How to check the list of cancel, reschedule and divert trains-

  • To check the list of canceled trains, first of all visit the website of
  • The Exceptional Trains option will appear. Select this option.
  • Click on List of Canceled, Rescheduled and Diverted trains.
  • Get out of the house only after checking this or else you may have to face trouble later.

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