India New Space Policy Soon Govt Scientific Advisor Ajay Kumar Sood Hints At SpaceX-Like Ventures


New Space Police: Principal Scientific Adviser Ajay Kumar Sood has said that in an effort to further increase private participation, the government will soon bring a new space policy, which will encourage “enterprises like SpaceX” in India. . The government’s top science adviser said that consultations have been held in this regard and the final version of the space policy will soon be sent to the Empowered Technology Group for further investigation. He said, “Work is going on on space policy. We are not using it much, but there is a new technology of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. This is a low-cost job. Let us tell you that Sood has taken charge on April 25.

He said, “LEO consists of a large number of satellites. This will change the space sector.” He said the government would encourage manufacturing of satellites in the private sector for a wide range of needs from health care, agriculture to urban development and property tax assessment. “We have not tapped the full potential of this sector. The space sector is looking at what the information technology sector experienced in the 1990s. We will have our own SpaceX in the next two years.

Elon Musk started SpaceX in 2002. This private company designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. Sood said there are immense opportunities for use of space technology for the benefit of mankind but there are limits to what the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) can do.

Benefit will be available in these areas

Sood said, “New fuels are being developed for new launch vehicles, spacecraft. When we open the space sector, it will connect many things.

He said, “EduSat was launched in 2004. The second version has not yet been launched. So why not let the private sector get into business? It will happen. This can be called e-agriculture. The thought process is already going on.

According to industry estimates, the global space economy is estimated at $423 billion, of which India accounts for two to three percent. Morgan Stanley estimates that the global space industry will expand to a trillion dollars by 2040.

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