Gang War in Punjab: कहां तक हैं खालिस्तानी आतंकियों की जड़ें, पंजाब में गैंगवॉर छिड़ने के पीछे क्या है वजह?


Punjab’s famous singer  (Sidhu Moose Wala), has not been solved yet. The names of many gangs are coming out in Punjab behind the murder of Moosewala. The biggest name in these gangs is of Bishnoi gang. Bishnoi gang leader Lawrence Bishnoi’s close aide Goldie Brar claimed responsibility for Moosewal’s murder. Goldie is currently in Canada. After this incident, discussions of gang war have started in Punjab once again. Know how many gangs are there in Punjab and how and why these gangs have been formed. At present, between which gangs there is a gang war going on.

How many gangs are there in Punjab?

In 2006, a person named Dimpa had a rift with a gang in UP, later he was murdered in Chandigarh. After that a person named Jaswinder Rocky was also murdered. Last year, Vicky Middukhera, who was a friend of Lawrence Bishnoi, was murdered in Mohali. After this the Lawrence Bishnoi gang decided to avenge the murder of Vicky Middukhera. A man named Sharanpreet, who had been Moosewala’s manager, went to Canada. The Bishnoi gang thought that they had a hand in Vicky’s murder and that is why Sindhu Musewala was murdered. Now the Bambiha group is talking about taking revenge for the murder of Moosewala. In such a situation, gang war has broken out again in Punjab. 

Lawrence Bishnoi gang started with student politics

International Connection of Gangs

Bishnoi gang also has international connections. Goldie Brar, a member of this gang who took responsibility for the murder of Musewala, is in Canada and his name has appeared in a murder earlier as well. If we look at the crime records of Canada, then this gang is very active in it. Canadian gangs also have connections to Russian gangs and Armenian gangs, who supply weapons here.

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