Employees Working In Lucknow Congress Office Were Fired Without Notice, Were Doing Jobs Here For Years ANN


UP Congress: But Upadesh Kushal Bahure… In UP, the Congress party is running on this formula these days. Nothing good is going on in the party after the defeat in the assembly elections. Now only the people working for the party in the Congress office in Lucknow have sat on an indefinite dharna.

From Rahul Gandhi to Priyanka Gandhi, they keep raising the issue of increasing unemployment in the country. But here only the employees working in the Congress office have been dismissed from the job, that too without notice. These employees were working here for the last twenty thirty years.

Congress vice-president Yogesh Dixit has thrown him out of the job by giving him one month’s salary. The letter of dismissal was issued on May 31, which these people have now received. Against this decision of the Congress, the fired employees have started a sit-in in the party office itself. This news is becoming very viral in social media. People are commenting in different ways.

,Such people brought us on the road,
Mamta Tiwari was working as a computer operator in the Congress office since 1988. But without giving any notice, he has been asked not to come to work from the month of June. He told ABP News that some people living around Priyanka Gandhi are trying to destroy the party. Such people have brought us on the road. We are protesting against this decision. Like Mamta Tiwari, KK Shukla, Hari Sagar, Uma Aggarwal and Sharmavati Tiwari, who worked in Congress office for years, have also been sacked.

Many Congress leaders are telling the decision wrong
Party vice-president Yogesh Dixit refused to say anything in this matter. But many Congress leaders are justifying this decision wrong. Priyanka Gandhi is the General Secretary of Congress and also in-charge of UP. That is why any incident that happens in the UP Congress is directly related to them. Last week, he also held a meeting in Lucknow. In this meeting also the leaders of the party clashed with each other.

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