ED Action On PFI And Its Associate Rehab India Foundation Seized 33 Bank Accounts Ann


ED Seized PFI’s Bank Account: The Enforcement Directorate has attached a total of 33 bank accounts of Popular Front of India and its affiliate organization Rehab India Foundation. In this, an amount of more than Rs 68 lakh is said to be deposited. ED alleges that Popular Front of India was secretly collecting money from Gulf countries under criminal conspiracy. PFI is accused that this money was being used for wrong purposes.

A top Enforcement Directorate official said that the Enforcement Directorate had filed a charge sheet against the Popular Front of India and its affiliates in the Special Court of ED in Lucknow on May 6, 2022. After this, the ED seized 23 bank accounts of Popular Front of India and 10 bank accounts of its affiliate organization Rehan India Foundation. A total amount of Rs 68 lakh 62 thousand 81 has been reported in these accounts. It should be noted that the Enforcement Directorate is probing the money allegedly used by Popular Front of India in some cases of violence.

According to ED officials, during the investigation it has been found that PFI is secretly collecting money through its well-organized network in Gulf countries under criminal conspiracy. He is also engaged in legalizing the proceeds of the offense under criminal conspiracy along with other accused persons by converting the amount so brought in.

What are the allegations against PFI?
It is alleged that the proceeds of crime expressed in the form of cash are deposited in different bank accounts, these bank accounts are said to be of sympathetic members of PFI and its affiliates, and then through these accounts in the accounts of PFI. Donations are shown. It is alleged that the money received in this way was also used in many violent incidents, for which different investigations are pending in different states.

In which states the investigation on PAFI is going on?
The ED also came to know during the investigation that ₹ 30 crore was gradually deposited over several years in the accounts of PFI and its affiliates. About Rs 58 crore was also deposited in the account of its associate organization. It is alleged that all this money through a well-planned conspiracy gradually came into the account of PFI and its affiliate organization through various channels, including money that came to India through various channels from abroad. Keep in mind that Popular Front of India is accused of inciting riots by spending funds in many violent incidents, investigations are going on in this regard in many states of the country.

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