Dutch MP Defends Nupur Sharmas Comments On Muhammad | पैगंबर विवाद के बीच Nupur Sharma को Dutch सांसद का साथ, बोले


Dutch MP on Nupur Sharma: In the Muslim-majority countries including the Gulf, amidst the condemnation of the suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for the Prophet, Netherlands MP Geert Wilders has openly supported him. Girt Wilders said that it is very ridiculous that Arab and Islamic countries are furious over Indian leader Nupur Sharma telling the truth about the Prophet. He asked why India should apologize? He advised the Indians to defend Nupur Sharma.

What did the Netherlands MP Girt Wilders say?

Netherlands MP Girt Wilders tweeted, ‘Appeasement never works. It makes things worse. That’s why my friends of India, you should not come under the threat of Muslim countries. Stand up for freedom and take pride in defending your leader Nupur Sharma who spoke the truth about the Prophet. After this tweet, death threats were given to Girt Wilders. On this he said that threats are being given to me from Pakistan to Turkey but nothing will be achieved by this threat. I will not stop telling the truth.

Muslim countries criticized the comment made on the Prophet

Earlier, more than 10 Muslim countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Indonesia had criticized the remarks made on the Prophet. Saudi Arabia has also condemned Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Mohammed. According to Saudi Arabia’s Dialogue Committee SPA, the Ministry of External Affairs criticized and publicly condemned Nupur Sharma’s remarks, saying, “The Ministry of External Affairs condemns and publicly condemns the former spokesperson of the BJP for remarks that insult the Prophet Mohammed.” Saudi Arabia also reiterates its rejection of the symbols of Islam and prejudice against all religious figures.

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