Delhi Maharashtra And Punjab Police Will Joint Intrrogation Wil Saurabh Mahakal Teams Reched At Pune Ann


Joint Introgression With Saurabh Mahakal: Police arrest is on in Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case. In this sequence, Pune Police has arrested shooter Saurabh Mahakal. The police have made this arrest in some other case, but Mahakal is also being questioned in the Mulewala murder case.

Delhi, Maharashtra and Punjab Police will inquire

Now the latest information is coming in this case that Delhi Police, Maharashtra Police and Punjab Police will interrogate Saurabh Mahakal together. For this, a team of Punjab Police has reached Pune and the team of Delhi Police is reaching. An officer of the Delhi Police team had reached Pune last night. Now these three teams are going to do Joint Introgression with Saurabh Mahakal.

Delhi Special Cell team can reach Pune

If sources are to be believed, then a team of Delhi Special Cell can reach Pune. According to sources, as soon as the photo of Santosh present in Pune was released till 3 days ago, he has definitely gone to Nepal, but has not crossed the border yet. In such a situation, on the basis of interrogation from Mahakal, the Pune Police is raiding at many places, but so far it has not been successful in catching the criminals.

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