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Daler Mehndi on Sidhu Moose Wala Murder Case: On the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, famous singer Daler Mehndi has said that the Punjab government should control the songs of the air. Then such incidents will not happen. Daler Mehndi while talking to ABP News said that all the singers of Punjab should be called, they should be warned to straighten their songs. Clean up the video. Here it is said that pick it up, I will kill, I will throw it. Same crap in every song. Watch any video of Punjab. There is nothing in those songs except gun and crap.

Singer Daler Mehndi further said that many times it is seen in the video that if you do not love then I will kill you. There should be control over this. is very bad. Only the Punjab government can improve it. All governments should pay attention to their singers that they do not talk nonsense. It should be seen whether someone is talking about the matter of the country, the matter of the nation, religion, love or not. The strut in the songs should be controlled at all costs. Then such incidents will not happen.

Any song should be clean – Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi says that we left Bihar and spread music all over the world. Spread with such good lyrics that you can listen to it with your family. Can sing everywhere. You will not find intoxicants in any of my songs, guns are far away. I haven’t heard any song from Moosewala, but I was happy that he has a huge fan following. Used to hear that people in Canada and Punjab like him very much on the digital world. It was very painful to shoot them like this in broad daylight.

Musewala’s murder is tragic – Daler Mehndi

Daler Mehndi said that when the video came to me, I saw in it how people were speaking in Punjabi that firing took place. After a long time people recognize him that he is Sidhu Musewala. This is very sad. Such a big name, things of pride. If he was getting threats, then he should have walked a little cautiously. Daler Mehndi says that Musewala had only one son in his house. All this thing happened in America, Canada that anyone shoots for a little money. The people who live with my acquaintance are afraid of this. But this is our India, it hurts a lot when this happens here.

Action should be taken on songs giving wrong message

Daler Mehndi says that he does not know, being a singer, which songs have been sung by Moosewala. There are people who listen to the things you serve, there are people who follow, but in this the central government and the state government should make laws. Whatever song gives wrong message, such as gangster, girl, such things, action should be taken against those people. So many of these things will stop. Mehndi says that if this had happened in 1990, then it would have been understood. Today 2022 is going on and in 2022 if anyone openly kills someone like this, it is very sad.

What a setback to the Punjab music industry?

Daler Mehndi believes that the Punjab Music Industry Sidhu Musewala There is no shock from the death of (Sidhu Moose Wala Murder). Since the artist is gone, he is sad. Only friends and family matter. Henna says about himself that we have been walking down to earth. Singer’s job is to keep smiling from the heart. No matter who the man is, bow down and meet him. Because if you are an artist, then anyone will sit anywhere making enmity. People keep khink, it shows color after 10 years after 5 years. Artist use good words. Does Daler Mehndi get scared after this incident? In response to this question, Mehndi says that what am I afraid of. You get scared when you do something wrong.

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