Corona Vaccine: How Effective Is One Vaccine Or Three Doses Of Different Vaccines In Preventing Covid-19? Learn


Corona Vaccination: The largest research of its kind has revealed that three doses of an anti-Covid vaccine, or so many doses of different vaccines, can better protect against infection caused by different forms of corona virus.

The study, published in the journal ‘The BMJ’ research, says that the number of vaccine doses is more helpful in boosting the immune system than the mixture of different vaccines and this will help in decision making in the field of public health in the future.

Effective for elderly and people with low immunity

The researchers said that there is sufficient information about the effects of all anti-Covid-19 vaccines, but the effectiveness of a combination of different vaccines is unclear, and its effectiveness is less known, especially in the elderly and people with low immunity. .

cases of corona virus infection

Researchers at the ‘Chinese University of Hong Kong’ (CUHK) said that despite a sharp decline in cases of corona virus infection and deaths from it, the immunity provided by the vaccine and the concern about new forms of the virus made it important to know Which combination of vaccines is more effective?

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