BJP National President JP Nadda Addresses State Executive Committee Meeting Of West Bengal


BJP State Executive Committee Meeting: BJP National President JP Nadda addressed the meeting of the State Executive Committee of West Bengal BJP. During this, he said that all regional parties are being run by families.

He has claimed that there is nothing national left in the Indian Congress. Their leaders also speak from London. It has become a brother-in-law party. He said that no one thought that we will become Congress free, leave Congress free, Congress is disappearing. The discussion here used to be test hobe no.

Lalu Raj left from Bihar

JP Nadda said that 20 years ago, no one even thought that Lalu Yadav’s rule would go to Bihar, but BJP has come there after destroying RJD and has come with full force. What was Mamta ji saying at the time of vaccination? MNREGA accounts were not given for three years. 3 crore 87 lakh was not paid at all. This state is running. What is the state like? Did Mamta ji also forget for three years?

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Taunt on UP and Telangana

The BJP President said that in Telangana, KCR is standing in another place, son-in-law. The regional party has become a family party. No one in Uttar Pradesh thought that Mulayam Singh’s rule would go away. Today BJP has made everyone clear there. BJP government is being formed everywhere.

Who’s in the right party?

Nadda said that in the coming time, we will form the government in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and very soon in West Bengal also in a democratic way. 40 years ago my Congress colleagues used to tell me that Nadda ji, you do not know politics, it is a matter of opportunity, you are the right person in the wrong party. When I meet him today, I ask who is in the right party?

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