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Assam Minister Ashok Singhal on Development: Ashok Singhal, the cabinet minister in the Assam government, talked to ABP News about the development works being done in the state. Cachar’s Guardian Minister Ashok Singhal claimed about the development work being done in Assam that work is being done at a rapid pace in this area. Our work is not just in words. The work is being shown on the ground. There was also a time when Assam used to face severe floods. After which the houses of a large number of people were destroyed. It rained heavily and the houses of poor people were flooded with water.

Assam Minister Ashok Singhal said that the BJP government has done a good job in helping lakhs of such people by providing them houses. In this financial year, the initiative to provide houses to 12 lakh 21 thousand people has started. With this initiative, I feel that in the near future every person who had lost his house will get it back. Earlier there was a lot of trouble with the roads. The Brahmaputra is actually a big river that flows through the middle of Assam.

How much development happened on the ground in Assam?

In the last 6 years, 2 new bridges are being built in the Brahmaputra River. We have paved the roads. Ashok Singhal further said that northeast from all corners, we have international borders. It is a strategic location, so good roads, good highways, ports, all were needed. People were saying that no one is working on this.

Landslides big issue in Northeast region

Ashok Singhal, in a conversation with ABP News on the issue of landslides, said that the mountains of the Northeast, situated in the lap of the Himalayas, are as strong as they are made of clay and also weak. In such a situation, whenever erosion is done for the roads here, the risk of landslide remains constant. Some environmentalists have also raised the question that if the development work continues like this, then the environment will have to be tampered with and the coming generations will have to bear the brunt of this tampering. Environment is as important as development. In such a situation, it becomes most important for both of them to walk hand in hand together.

Problem solved through peaceful dialogue?

Ashok Singhal further said that any problem can be solved by peaceful talks. We don’t want two neighboring countries to fight for land, it doesn’t look good. The country is developing under PM Modi’s rule. With the help of the governance power of our Chief Minister Dr. Hemant Biswa Sarma, we are being able to resolve these disputes. As a politician, he talks to other state officials to resolve these disputes. Out of the disputes that have been going on for 50 years after the formation of the state, 60% have already been resolved with peaceful talks. And everything is on paper, now it is time to decide how fast these disputes will be resolved.

Expenditure on road and highway construction in North Eastern region?

•Arunachal Pradesh – 698 crores (2016-2017), 792 crores (2017-2018), 514 crores (2018-2019), 545 crores (2019-2020), 1,191 crores (2020-2021)

•Assam – 455 crores, 595 crores (2017-2018), 1,050 crores (2018-2019), 976 crores (2019-2020), 828 crores (2020-2021)

•Manipur – 41 Cr, 75 Cr (2017-2018), 273 Cr (2018-2019), 394 Cr (2019-2020), 159 Cr (2020-2021)

•Meghalaya – 486 crores, 86 crores (2017-2018), 121 crores (2018-2019), 53 crores (2019-2020), 96 crores (2020-2021)

•Mizoram – 260 cr, 392 cr (2017-2018), 617 cr (2018-2019), 251 cr (2019-2020), 177 cr (2020-2021)

•Nagaland – 59 cr, 67 cr (2017-2018), 254 cr (2018-2019), 442 cr (2019-2020), 537 cr (2020-2021)

•Sikkim – 78 crores, 243 crores (2017-2018), 192 crores (2018-2019), 75 crores (2019-2020), 338 crores (2020-2021)

•Tripura – 17 cr, 65 cr (2017-2018), 54 cr (2018-2019), 114 cr (2019-2020), 49 cr (2020-2021)

Overall, from 2016 to 2021, about Rs 13,711 crore was spent by the Union Government to build road transport and highways in North East India.

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