Arya Gurukul Dham Noida: आर्य कन्या गुरुकुल वेदधाम के कर्ता-धर्ता जयेंद्र कुमार और उनकी पत्नी पर शिकंजा, CBI ने दर्ज किया हत्या का केस


According to the statements of the girl’s mother, when she saw the copies of her daughter, she found a note in which she had made a crying face on her face and it is written that a lot of bad has happened to me today and today everyone has done dirty with me. Behaved. I thought I didn’t have any friends. The names of some girls and boys are also written in this note. In this regard, a petition was filed in the SC by the family of the girl. After which the SC has ordered the CBI to investigate in this matter. In CBI, this case has been handed over to the Special Crime Branch for investigation. The investigation of the case is going on.

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