AAP MP Sanjay Singh Blames BJP For Arresting Satyendar Jain In Money Laundering Case ANN


Sanjay Singh Blames BJP For Arresting Satyendar Jain: Aam Aadmi Party is seen attacking BJP over the arrest of Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and MP Sanjay Singh has launched a scathing attack on BJP over the arrest of Satyendar Jain. On the arrest of Satyendra Jain and the allegations of BJP, he said that what the BJP is saying is not important. The people who created this incident will give a statement. Wolves will wait to hunt, if wolves get a chance, they will speak.

AAP leader MP Sanjay said that BJP has been doing this in the past as well. CBI raided the Chief Minister’s office. CBI raided the Deputy CM’s house. They keep doing this kind of thing. It took 8 years to arrest Satyendra Jain. BJP is getting the work done through puppet agencies. People like Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya are sitting outside and they are not being arrested.

Fake allegations against Satyendra Jain?

Sanjay Singh claimed that there are false and baseless allegations against Satyendra Jain. Soon milk will become milk and water will become water. In Punjab, you get the health minister to act on your own and send him to jail, when the matter comes to light in Delhi, why do you allege false arrest? On this question, Sanjay Singh said that this matter is sponsored by BJP. There is an election in Himachal so this is being done. He said that in Delhi, CM Arvind Kejriwal himself had dismissed a minister. This is a false case.

Sanjay Singh’s sharp attack on BJP

Sanjay Singh further said that whose national president has been caught taking money on camera, who has been supporting the rapists in the Hathras case and even eats the donation of Ram temple, what are they telling us now. They had arrested 34 of our MLAs. What happened? Everyone came for a discount. Couldn’t sue anyone. They keep on acting like this.

Soon there will be milk of milk and water of water – Sanjay Singh

On allegations of corruption by BJP MP Parvesh Verma, Sanjay Singh said that BJP is a party earning crores by selling coriander. It is a party stealing funds. They see corruption everywhere. There is only corruption in their mind. What will the party do next in this matter? On this question, he said that he will fight through the court. Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain will come out soon. Soon milk will become milk and water will become water. Apart from this, on the question asked on the murder case of Sidhu Moosawala, he said that the Punjab government is working on it very fast and sensitively.

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