AAP Accuses LG Of Interfering In Government Work Leader Of Opposition Bidhuri Defends Ann


Delhi Government Vs LG: It has been just a few days that the new Lieutenant Governor was sworn in in Delhi that the confrontation has started between the LG of Delhi and Kejriwal. The Aam Aadmi Party has alleged that the LG of Delhi is not working within the purview of the Constitutional System.

On this, the Leader of Opposition in the Delhi BJP Assembly, Ramveer Singh Bidhuri, denied AAP’s allegations and said that LG is not interfering in anyone’s work but working for Delhi only. Talking to him, ABP News has asked some questions.

LG meeting with officials without the knowledge of Delhi government?
Delhi Assembly Leader of Opposition Ramvir Singh Bidhuri said in response to this question that we are very grateful to the Government of India that they have given Delhi a very deserving LG. He has been a wonderful administrator. Arvind Kejriwal is aware that when he was the chairman of Khadi Board, he had doubled the production. LG gave employment to 32 lakh people through his pen and since he became the Lieutenant Governor, he has not sat at home for a single day.

From the day he took oath, he went out on the streets of Delhi and the roads on which he went are not of the Delhi government. These roads are either DDA’s or National Highway’s. Wherever he has seen a deficiency, he has given direction to the officers in this matter. So that Delhi can be seen better. If they did, what wrong did they do?

He further said that if the LG goes to meet the officials in Connaught Place, then this area does not come under Kejriwal’s control, yet why is he feeling pain. If LG is going to see the condition of DDA parks and he has given directions to the officials in this regard, then CM should welcome it.

Leader of Opposition accused Kejriwal that he and his ministers never come out of the house, so they do not get to know about the situation. Leader of Opposition Ramvir Singh Bidhuri said that many trees fell due to the storm which hit Delhi. Because of this, people suffered throughout the day. The LG imposed the duty of NDRF to remove the trees and got the roads cleared.

Aam Aadmi Party says that they are calling the officers without the information of the government?
In response to this question, Bidhuri says that if hundreds of trees have fallen in New Delhi and the LG of Delhi is deploying NDRF there and monitoring the situation himself, then this should make the Delhi CM happy that the LG Delhi of Delhi. working for.

Called the officials of Delhi Jal Board and did not tell?
Bidhuri said that if he is getting complaints that the people of Delhi are not getting drinking water for two or two days and whatever they are getting is dirty due to which people’s kidney and liver are getting damaged then like this What problem is Kejriwal facing by acting on the complaint and taking information in this regard.

Why is LG interfering in the rights of Delhi Jal Board?
Where did the talk of interference come from, he is the LG of Delhi, this is a union territory, he is the chief administrator of Delhi, it is not a full-fledged state. He further said that Kejriwal should understand that if he is not able to handle Delhi, then what is the problem with the LG.

Bidhuri further said that those who have been the chairman of the Jal Board have gone to jail, so anarchy has arisen in the department. There is no water minister and people are coming and complaining that they are not getting water and the water they are getting is dirty. Due to these complaints, the LG of Delhi has given instructions to the officials of the Jal Board, while worrying about the people, then it is a matter of happiness for us.

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