A Piece Of Necklace Was Trapped In The Lungs Of A One Year Old Child The Team Of Doctors Successfully Removed


Kochi (Kerala): A piece of necklace stuck in the left lung of a one-year-old child was successfully removed by a team of doctors at a private hospital in Kochi on Tuesday. . Natives of Pattimattam, Perumbavoor, Binshad and Fatima noticed a severe cough in their one-year-old child. They immediately took him to a nearby hospital, where X-rays of the child’s lungs were taken. The X-ray revealed the presence of a foreign body in the child’s lungs. The hospital referred him to another private hospital in Kochi. However, due to complications, the child was referred to another hospital, from where he reached Amrita Hospitals.

A team of doctors led by Dr. Tinku Joseph, Chief Interventional Pulmonologist successfully removed a trapped necklace bead from the upper lobe of the left lung by a rigorous bronchoscopy procedure.

Recurrent chest infection was treated for three weeks
The child was treated for recurrent chest infections for three weeks and a chest X-ray performed at a local hospital showed the presence of a suspicious foreign substance within the left lung. Later, the child was referred to Amrita Hospital, Kochi for further treatment.

‘Process lasted about 30 minutes’
Dr. Tinku Joseph said, “The impacted foreign matter was the cause of repeated chest infections from which the child was suffering.” “The procedure lasted for about 30 minutes and the child was discharged from the hospital within 24 hours of the procedure,” he said. “Removal of foreign matter was a difficult task,” he said.

In this case, this external material was made of plastic and round-shaped glass. This type of foreign matter is difficult due to its anatomical location and lack of efficient equipment to remove the aspirated object. ,

The child accidentally took out a necklace piece!
It is believed that the child may have accidentally swallowed it while playing. However, the child’s parents were unaware of how this happened. Recently, the Department of Interventional Pulmonology, Amrita Hospitals has successfully completed 1,000 rigorous bronchoscopic procedures. Rigid bronchoscopy is a procedure used to diagnose and treat various complex airway disorders.

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