A Petition Filed In Supreme Court To Control On Smoking And Set Age Limit


Control On Smoking: A petition (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court regarding control on smoking and increasing its age. In which it has been demanded that the Central Government should increase the age of smoking to 21 years. It has been demanded in this petition that along with the increasing cigarette addiction among the youth in the country, guidelines should also be fixed to control smoking. Along with this, it has also been demanded that the sale of loose cigarettes should be banned near the college campus or educational institutions.

Advocates Shubham Awasthi and Rishi Mishra have filed this petition in the Supreme Court. He has said that through the petition, he has demanded from the Supreme Court that it should direct the Central Government to give new guidelines to remove smoking areas from commercial institutions, airports and increase the age of smoking, open cigarettes near educational institutions. Ban on sale, a prayer has been made to ban the sale of cigarettes near the place of worship.

9.5 percent of people die from cigarette smoking

The petition states that by making cigarette smoking more accessible, they are being influenced to smoke and youth are being targeted. In this case, the World Health Organization has expressed concern about smoking in India in the year 2018. According to the WHO, youth are getting heart-related diseases due to the use of cigarettes and about 9.5 percent of people die due to smoking.

India jumps to second place

The shocking fact has come to the fore in the petition (PIL) that at present, the number of smokers is increasing continuously for the last two decades. It is spreading like an epidemic. If we talk about smoking of 16 to 64 years old people, then India is now on second position.

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