क्या सौरव गांगुली भी हो गये सचिन तेंदुलकर की राह चलने पर तैयार ?


But after Ganguly’s tweet, West Bengal BJP sources said First of all it was said that Ganguly can be nominated in Rajya Sabha from sports quota. However, Sourav Ganguly’s closeness with BJP is not hidden from anyone. Even before the Bengal assembly elections last year, BJP had tried to give competition to Mamta Banerjee through this big face by including her in the party.

It is said that then Ganguly had turned down this proposal citing his cordial relationship with Mamta Banerjee because he did not want to get into electoral politics and buy direct enmity with Mamta didi. Although Ganguly was offered to join TMC by Mamta before BJP but she refused there too. It may be that the thinking behind this is that it is better to get the honor of being nominated to the Upper House than to become the glare of other parties by joining any party.

In that sense If you see, Bengali Dada has considered it more appropriate and honorable to follow the path of Sachin Tendulkar than to follow the path of Harbhajan Singh. On May 6, Home Minister Amit Shah had reached his residence in Kolkata to meet Ganguly. The discussion between the two at the dinner table may have taken place on many issues but the aim would have been the same to persuade Ganguly to be sent to the Upper House. However, even then Ganguly had clarified that the political meaning of this dinner should not be taken out. But every leader has a special purpose for such a dinner, which is often associated with politics.

Surprisingly, 10 years ago on 27 April 2012, the then Manmohan Singh government when Sachin When Tendulkar was nominated to the Rajya Sabha, questions were raised by the BJP-Shiv Sena. Leaders of both the parties said that before making Tendulkar an MP, Bharat Ratna should be given. Then CPI leader Gurudas Das Gupta was the only leader who questioned the government as to why Sourav Ganguly was not given the honor of nominating him to the Rajya Sabha. It seems that it is right after ten years but the Modi government seems to be fulfilling his wish.

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