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Taranaki Daily News is a local news outlet in New Zealand that covers everything from the latest weather updates to stories about the community. With so much content to cover, it's no wonder that the Taranaki Daily News relies on

Millennials and Online Dating

In the early days of the internet, when people would say they were going out “on a date,” it was typically understood that this meant meeting in person. But over time, as online dating gradually became more popular and mainstream, the term

Key Elements to Write a Flawless Graduate Resume

Even seasoned professionals frequently struggle with the formatting and content of a professional resume. You probably don't have much work experience if you're in college or a recent grad, which makes preparing a resume even harder.

Sprint Velocity: What is It and How to Improve It

Scrum teams usually prioritize increasing sprint velocity, but this may not always lead to greater productivity. Because of this, they now focus on how they can improve sprint velocity. This can be achieved by building consistency and